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Dent Health has 20 years of experience in reaching patients who seek help for both the best possible dental treatment and the best price for travelling to Istanbul in order to get their dental operation. Our aim is to achieve dental perfection with only using the best materials and the best available technology. The technology in our clinics involves the best soft tissue lasers, smile design programming and the CAD/CAM milling machines.

Generally, patients worry about the costs when it comes to having dental treatments abroad. Let’s imagine that you are thinking to travel to a country which you may not know, to have dental treatment and to get the treatment from a Dentist who you’ve never met before, it is quite normal for you to be scared. However, in Dent Health, we explain the cost of your treatment in great detail, how many appointments will the treatment take, we explain every treatment before we start and we explain every detail during the operation to make you feel more comfortable. We call it our Transparent pricing policy and we believe it is the main source under our developing success.

We are located in Istanbul, the capital of Turkey as first-class clinics in 2 central locations including Levent and Nişantaşı. If you couldn't decide which hotel to stay in, we can be a guide for you to choose the closest hotel both to one of our clinics and the tourist attraction spots in Istanbul. We also help you to organise the appointment for the treatment you are planning in our dental clinics and the number of days which you will be available. You can either arrange your own travel plan and let us know when you would like to visit our clinic or if you haven’t been in Istanbul before you can mail us and we would be happy to arrange your dental holiday for you including your flight tickets with details, your hotel, your transportation to our clinics as well as your transportation back to your hotel after your dental treatment. t It is our responsibility to make your dental organisation easy for you.

We are working hard with our Dentists, Surgeons and Patients Coordinators to create a calm and comfortable environment in our clinics to give you the best dental experience. The Dentists and Surgeons in our clinics are highly experienced at aesthetic dentistry especially in Dental Implants, Porcelain Crowns and Dental Laminates. They all speak fluent English and French in order to communicate with you more easily during operations.

We receive many reviews from our patients, to see the results we get in our cases check out our before and after photos in our gallery. It is surprising to see how much work can be done in a limited time when it comes to straightening crowded teeth or closing gaps with orthodontic treatments without braces, designing a Hollywood smile and replacing missing teeth.


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