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About Us


Wolfram D. Hinderer / Co-Founder,

Wolfram D. Hinderer was born in Ulm on the Danube in 1970. He is an experienced dental technician and has been self-employed for years in the field of medicine.

In 2014, while on a trip to Istanbul, he got to know the benefits of medical treatment in Turkey. He was impressed by the high quality and unbelievably high standards in all disciplines. Since then, the idea of ​​founding a company that reliably allows patients to enjoy the benefits of a treatment in Turkey sprouted.

Eyup Keceli / Co-Founder,

Eyüp Keçeli is married and has one child. After graduating from Bogazici University in 2011, he was working in the marketing field as a manager in many private companies. He is also working as a consultant for International Business Networks.   Creating and developing a World Wide known brand was one of his passions.  To realize his dreams he founded ISTMedic with his German partner Wolfram D. Hinderer.


World countries now recognize Istanbul as a rising medical tourism center. Turkey has become the first choice of tourists because of its good doctors, easy transportation, high health technology, and location. Istanbul has become the head health center of Turkey because of its location between Europe and Asia. Istanbul,  combines its medical resources as like Wellness, Spa with five-star hotels and gives qualified and advantage tourism packages to health tourists. Tourists' needs who come to Turkey for health are met by specialist health personnel and agency authorities.

The quality of service of Turkey's health institutions is also approved by international organizations such as JCI(Joint Commission International), JCAOH(Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations)  and ISO(International Organization for Standardization).

As a result, Turkey is aiming to be the leading country of medical tourism in the region. In 2012, Turkey has been the host of 262,000 international patients. As of 2015, Turkey is expecting a total of 500,000 patients, and by 2023 a total of 2,000,000 patients are expected from worldwide. To learn more about the healthcare industry you may visit the website prepared by the Ministry of Health.


ISTMedic takes care of customer satisfaction before anything else to continue its path as the most known and successful company.

ISTMedic opened its first branch in Turkey because of the geographic and technological advantages. It is a health tourism company that cares about the satisfaction of the citizens of the customers and offers high quality and problem-free service.

ISTMedic offers the highest quality services by working with hospitals, hotels and transport companies that specialize in the field and provide VIP services.

According to ISTMedic, as treatment time patients spend in Turkey, the healing process is also very important after they go back home. ISTMedic is very strict in this respect, so it continues to give consultation to the patients during the treatment.

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